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Shutters, Blinds, Folds & Swings

Play with light. Give your home additional allure with Jasno shutters, blinds, folding curtains and swings (vertical louver blinds). Pro Reno are exclusive distributors of the famous Dutch brand for the Costa del Sol area. With its atmospheric and adjustable window decorations, Jasno guarantees an intense experience of the moment, and of the story taking place in the space enclosed. Jasno shutters, blinds, folding curtains and vertical louver blinds with a surprising 3D effect make all the difference. The possibilities are endless. Jasno: highlight your home.


Shutters from Jasno are an indoor shutter system with adjustable louvers. They form a particularly attractive and practical alternative for curtains. They guarantee stunning light effects in your home and provide all the privacy you ask for. Be it country living, minimalistic or Scandinavian, shutters match any interior design style. Thanks to the choice of louver width, colours and operating systems, you can adapt them perfectly to meet your requirements. Shutters from Jasno are a quality product that will last for years and require little, easy maintenance. Shutters are tailor-made, and suitable for every window type from bay window to roof window and from kitchen window to patio door.

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Jasno produces beautiful blinds. They contribute warmth and an attractive atmosphere to any interior. You can choose from an endless variety of colours, louver widths, operating cords and ladder strips. This choice of finishes enables you to select an overall look that perfectly matches the blinds with your interior design style.

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Jasno folds are folding curtains, designed by Dutch Design studio Daphna Laurens. These unique folding curtains are produced from woven paper, giving the folds a tough, durable look. Perhaps the most eye-catching element of the folds are the wooden strips. Match the colour of the textile and the wooden strips for a calmer finish or opt for a colour contrast, and make your window a real eye-catcher.

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Vertical louver blinds are once again in fashion – at least this can safely be said of Jasno swings. With a single operating chain, you set the louvers in motion in an alternating pattern, resulting in an appealing 3D effect. Opened, (almost) closed and any variation in between is possible. The swings have received a number of awards for their outstanding design!

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