Do you have plans to refurbish and / or renovate your property on the Costa del Sol? Pro Reno can assist you in all aspects of this process. From the house’s strucutre to the tea light on the coffee table. What’s more, we actively think along with you and speak your language, literally (Dutch, French, English and Spanish) and figuratively. Our experience accumulated over the past years in various projects shows us that every renovation is different. Pro Reno therefore advises you to tailor your project.

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Refurbishments / Renovations

If you have an idea or design yourself, we are happy to offer you our experience. With this knowledge and experience Pro Reno can certainly help you with:

  • Projects from A to Z (everything you can imagine, even swimming pools)
  • All demolition works and masonry works
  • Placing new windows, doors and kitchens
  • Electrical works (also installing air conditioning)
  • Sanitary and bathroom renovation
  • Floors, terraces (microcement)

Of course we also work with quality partners. Your advantage: you only have one point of contact. With Pro Reno‘s expertise you can enjoy a more luxurious look, more comfort, a contemporary look, and your property will also increase in value if you want to sell it at a later stage.

Decoration / Interior Design

Once your renovation has been completed, there is definitely something to be painted and decorated. It is the final step in your total renovation and Pro Reno can also perform this step perfectly for you.

  • Interior and exterior painting (even special painting techniques)
  • Curtains and wall coverings
  • Furniture both interior and exterior

Pro Reno will work with you to find the perfect solution for all your customisation needs. From the right colours to the custom-made furniture. And so we create the house, the room, and the terrace that you have always dreamed of.

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Before & After

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Pro Reno Marbella BeforePro Reno Marbella After
Pro Reno Marbella BeforePro Reno Marbella After
Pro Reno Marbella BeforePro Reno Marbella After
Pro Reno Marbella BeforePro Reno Marbella After
Pro Reno Marbella BeforePro Reno Marbella After
Pro Reno Marbella BeforePro Reno Marbella After
Pro Reno Marbella BeforePro Reno Marbella After
Pro Reno Marbella BeforePro Reno Marbella After
Pro Reno Marbella BeforePro Reno Marbella After
Pro Reno Marbella BeforePro Reno Marbella After
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Unique Heater Lights

DOME® by Heatsail provides timeless lighting with heating for your garden or terrace. There is no better background scenery for a nice long conversation than a sultry summer night! Heatsail let’s you make it a little warmer and lighter outside, so those summer nights can last all year round. DOME® by Heatsail is a 100% state-of-the-art Belgian product with a timeless design and is almost maintenance-free.

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Shutters, Blinds, Folds & Swings

Play with light. Give your home additional allure with Jasno shutters, blinds, folding curtains and swings (vertical louver blinds). Pro Reno are exclusive distributors of the famous Dutch brand for the Costa del Sol area. With its atmospheric and adjustable window decorations, Jasno guarantees an intense experience of the moment, and of the story taking place in the space enclosed. Jasno shutters, blinds, folding curtains and vertical louver blinds with a surprising 3D effect make all the difference. The possibilities are endless. Jasno: highlight your home.

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Pro Reno is originally a Flemish company that has been active on the Costa del Sol for several years. We have long opted for the right solid construction and decoration products, we bring together the right architect, interior designer, specialists and workmen to eventually come to an end product that we can be proud of ourselves.

Pro Reno is made up by NATHALIE SMILOVICI and MIKE PEETERS both with their own team of employees. Both are active on all sites themselves. This creates an active bond with the customer, and can be adjusted and adapted immediately.

NATHALIE SMILOVICI: ‘I have lived here for six years now and have taken the step to the Costa del Sol to live in a better climate. But actually I continue here what I did in Belgium for a long time. I still enjoy the bonds I have built up with my customers over the years. And yes, I’m pretty proud of my realizations. ‘

MIKE PEETERS: ‘I ended up here because of love, and of course the sun is a nice extra. In Belgium I mainly realized my own projects (buying- remodeling – reselling). But the involvement and the contacts here have added value, and not only professionally. ‘

Pro Reno was created by the passion between two people and their passion for realising correctly executed projects of any size.

Pro Reno Marbella
Pro Reno Marbella

We ‘MIKE’ everything!

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If you have any questions or would like to discuss your refurbishment or renovation project in the Marbella area, do not hesitate to contact us. Pro Reno will make your dreams come true!